Where The Coast & Soil Unite

The estate comprises 35 hectares of land located in three separate parcels with their own distinct soil-type which have been specially selected to suit the requirements of the main grape varieties in Bolgheri DOC: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The coastal climate and proximity to the I Greppi lakes ensures steady heat for growth and ripening throughout the Summer months, along with a cooling onshore breeze creating almost perfect conditions for high quality wine production.

Our Lakes Are Our Identity

The unique lakes at I Greppi, in the heart of Bolgheri DOC, form the logo for our wines. When neighbouring areas are affected by drought, the proximity of our vines to a high quality water supply during the long hot summers, creates perfect conditions for the grapes to mature and ripen.

The perfect amphitheater to showcase great wines

The terroir is enhanced by the amphitheater of surrounding hills which encloses the DOC, running between the Tuscan villages of Bolgheri, Castagneto Carducci and bordered to the west by the ancient Aurelia road, a stone’s throw from the Meditereranean Sea.

I Greppi in the heart of Bolgheri

These hills control the geology and soil-type in Bolgheri DOC, with variations in soils largely originating from their erosion. Most vineyards are located either at the foot of these hills, or on the coastal plain which has an elevation of 20-90m.

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