Engineered From The Ground Up

What happens when you take a bunch of scientists and visionaries, introduce them to a vineyard on the Tuscan coast….well that is the new chapter of the I Greppi story. The vineyard was created in 2001 by the Cancellieri and Landini families, and the wine is still overseen today by Alessandro Landini who is part of a wine dynasty with generations of experience producing Chianti Classico. In 2017, after researching Bolgheri’s unique terroir, a new international group of friends took over the I Greppi brand. With an appreciation of the outstanding environment, the new owners also saw the potential for developing the wines, as well as the vineyard, into a world-class product for international markets.

Located in coastal tuscany, the heart of bolgheri DOC

Passion & Creativity

We are a group of wine lovers, scientists, geologists, economists and horticulturalists, who think about wine making differently. Using our expertise, we look to the past, as well as the present and future, so that our wines will be constantly evolving and improving. Our understanding of the rocks and soils, the very basis of terroir, helps us to understand why the Etruscans first developed wine in this region millennia ago. Our viniculture is incorporating the newest scientific techniques and research from the Napa Valley in California, so that our wines will be continually evolving and improving. Together with the vineyard’s traditional Italian winemaking heritage, our goal is to make great taste accessible, and share our knowledge and the story behind every bottle.

Micro climate

With its coastal location, the Bolgheri DOC area experiences excellent levels of light radiation, as well as perfect temperature range during the growth and harvest periods for our French grape varietals, in addition to rainfall levels similar to those in the best wine-growing areas around the world.

From the ground up

The Bolgheri soils are relatively young from a geological point of view and are varied in nature having been derived from the erosion of the surrounding hills, leading to units composed mainly of gravel, sandstone and clay/limestone throughout the I Greppi estate.

Science Meets Art

Science meets art with our winemaking process, every drop we produce is an act of alchemy, with the perfect blend of knowledge, passion and creativity!

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