You may have noticed a new look for I Greppi recently. We’re very excited to have been working with Giant Peach Agency in the UK to refresh I Greppi’s look with new photography, videography, updated digital marketing and a brand new website.  We wanted this new look to speak with new and existing customers to tell the story of the dynamic nature of our vineyard and research ambitions.

Giant Peach  have delivered a stunning website that takes I Greppi  to the next phase of its growth, which will ultimately allow I Greppi followers to visit where the magic happens on the vineyard and stay on the estate. With a strong focus on our scientific background our new site tells our story of combining craft and creativity as well as our passion to educate and share our knowledge of wine making. With an aim to share our knowledge and build a community of wine loving enthusiasts we also worked with Giant Peach to build our social media presence. We’re excited to be sharing behind the scenes and expert knowledge from our team along with news and the vineyard’s academic links. We will also be highlighting the  important developments in the world of wine and what research we are participating in at I Greppi through this blog.If you haven’t yet, head on over to our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Give us a like and follow to stay up to date with the goings on at I Greppi Bolgheri and of course feel free to explore our brand new site further.